There are stories of extraordinary normality that make the emotions of life and motorcycle so tangible: unpredictable and fun, surreal yet so common. Alejando Gomez was born in Costa Rica and from an early age he got passionate about speed and motorsport. He starts off with motocross as a kid with his father and his two younger brothers. Then, in his early twenties, the transition to street bikes. Life then, always takes its share, and between a break from the engines and the other one, it arrives in Italy in the summer of 2019: “it was particularly curious! The last thing I would have never expected when I arrived here in Italy was precisely that of getting back on a motorcycle and racing on the track. It was my job, to tell the truth, what made it all possible. I started working in a motorcycle workshop close to Novara. I have never been a mechanic but, you know, I’ve always raced and the bike is my passion. Joking with the guys in the workshop, then, I got the opportunity. It was also a bit of a challenge: “come on – they used to tell  me – we’ll get you everything, the bike, the van, everithing and let’s go for two laps on the track. ” And so it was. Therefore, after what was basically a day with friends, everyone realized how fast I was. I mean, I am.  From there it was an escalation: we went down on track last year in Cervesina for the last round of the CRV and this year or we decided to try it more seriously ”.

And judging from the first round you have been doing it quite well, isn’t it? “Yes, that’s right, winning the first round was exciting and, looking back at how it all started, quite ironic too. Now with the first win and as a leader of the championship I believe in it more and more. The work we have started is important and dreaming costs us nothing “. Does the aim for the Cremona round remain trying to repeat the victory? “It would certainly be nice to repeat ourselves. We know that the level is still good and many riders do have ambitions. But  I will certainly try ”.

How was the transition from the foreign championships you were used to, to the  CRV and Motoestate? “Here in Italy there are great passion and great opportunities for motorcycling. At reasonable prices you can do high-level championships such as the CRV and the MES and at the same time have fun. Abroad, at least where I lived, it’s different. Then here the circuits are all close to each other, iall located in Northern Italy. The atmosphere too is special, familiar. The ideal environment to have fun and try to do well”.

The Motoestate Trophy as well as the CRV will beback on track on May 29th and 30th in Cremona on the Cremona Circuit (close to Milan). The round will be anticipated by a free practice test day opened to amateurs too. To book:

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