The last round of the ESBK – Spanish Superbike Championship has lived up to expectations. The Jerez Ángel Nieto circuit has put the finishing touch to a fabulous season where there has been a lot of emotion in all categories.


SuperSport NG: Yeray Ruiz is the new champion

With the fight for the title still to be decided, it would be Yeray Ruiz and Julián Grial who would fight for it. We live in a very tight race. Dani Muñoz has put in a perfect performance leading from start to finish and leaving the dispute for the championship behind him. Ruiz has remained firm in second place, withstanding constant attacks from Giral. Finally, Yeray, with his second place, guaranteed the title of Spanish SuperSport NG Champion.

In the SuperStock 600 category, Eric Fernández, despite signing a weekend full of hardships, with a fall in training, sick leave on Saturday and a fall in today’s race, has been proclaimed champion of his class. Brett Roberts, Carlos Valle and Maxwellt Toth have made up the race podium. The Challenge ELF Moto has been won in this test by the Croatian from the MDR Martin Vugrinec.
Superbike: double for Borja Gómez

Borja Gómez has started pulling very strongly in the Superbike category, closely marked by Óscar Gutiérrez and Tito Rabat himself. Halfway through the race, Óscar was in the lead, printing a new stronger pace, but he crashed on lap 11, leaving Gómez free to go. With the distance well taken with respect to Rabat, the Cardoso Racing player managed that difference, guaranteeing the double and the runner-up position in Spain. For his part, Ivo Lopes made a comeback race and with just a few laps to go he was able to pass Odendaal and secure third place.

In Stock1000 Daniel Sáez, Eduardo Montero and Mathias Poulsen have made up the last podium of the year. The Challenge ELF Moto trophy has gone to Oscar Gutiérrez, who is also the overall winner of the season.

Moto4: Miroslavov, king of Spain

There couldn’t be a more unexpected end to the small category. Yesterday’s race was practically by elimination, since the first three classified in the points table crashed. The fourth in the running, Miroslavov, took the victory and was placed as a firm candidate for the title. Today the race has been crazy, fighting a group of ten drivers at the head of the race until the checkered flag. Anything could happen, but finally it was Michael Sánchez who crossed the finish line first, followed by Iaroslav Karpushin and Ignacio Galán. For his part, Miroslavov managed to finish seventh, a position that earned him the title of Spanish Moto4 Champion.

Pepe Osuna wins the Iberoamerican SSP300

With the title already in Pepe Osuna’s pocket, the SBK Junior career has defined the runner-up. In addition, the Ibero-American champion of SSP300 2022 would come out of the calculation of the two races.

A very crazy race from the beginning with a very large group where they have not stopped dancing the positions. Uriostegui, Julio García and Pepe Osuna have commanded the three leading positions and a little later Antonio Torres has signed up… Fight without quarter between Deza Box 77 and ESP Solutions. Finally, Osuna has won with García and Torres very close to his wheel and with the first 8 in the same second!
The Ibero-American Championship has been won by Pepe Osuna, with Torres as runner-up and García as third classified. In the Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy the podium was made up of Pepe Osuna, Julio García and Antonio Torres, while that of the Yamaha Blu cRU Challenge by Unai Calatayud, Eduardo Agostón and Gonzalo Sánchez.

The prize for the best team in the REDD Challenge Silkolene category went to Deza Box 77, which ultimately also won the season champion plaque.

PreMoto3 and Promo3: David González closes in styleThe last race of the year had David González and Álex Longarela as protagonists. Both riders broke away and set a higher pace than the chasing group made up of Carlos Cano, Pedro Alomar and Eduardo Gutiérrez. After a very fast race, González took the victory, with Longarela close behind him. Twenty seconds later the fight for third place has been extremely tight. A photo finish arrival in which Eduardo Gutiérrez put his motorcycle by thousandths to those of Cano and Alomar. Finally, Gutiérrez was penalized, leaving third place to Cano.

In Promo3, Valentín Perrone won, with Jesús Torres and Elliot Kassigian closing the podium. In Cuna de Campeones the podium has been the same.
Handy European Bridgestone Cup: Bertolasio, without rival

In the category for drivers with physical disabilities, once again it was Samuele Bertolasio who set the standard. Incontestable double and title of European champion for him. After the Italian, Troisi and Horky have qualified.

Bad luck for the only Spanish representative on the grid. Antonio Montoya crashed on the penultimate lap when he was leading the 600 category, but his great advantage in the provisional stage allowed him to become European Handy Cup champion.

This puts an end to a fascinating season and preparations begin for next year, which will arrive full of surprises, coinciding with the centenary of the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation. An extensive gallery will be published tomorrow with the 2022 Champions Gala, which takes place this afternoon, and action photos from this weekend of racing.

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