ESBK MotorLand: double victory for Tito Rabat on his return to ESBK


The Spanish Superbike Championship – ESBK held its second round of the season at the Circuito MotorLand Aragón. Yesterday the strong wind made its appearance and the riders had to fight in all the races. But nothing was an impediment to the show and there were great moments.


Great battle in SBK with the victory in Rabat. Román Ramos is the new leader.

Exciting Superbike race with 4 riders in the lead who put on a great show. At first it seemed that Tito Rabat could escape, but neither Naomichi Uramoto nor Román Ramos nor Ivo Lopes let him. The leading group split in two with a Lopes who, from fourth position, overtook Uramoto and Román to get behind Tito’s wheel and attempt to overtake. Meanwhile, from behind, Naomichi and Ramos waged their own particular battle.

In fifth and sixth position were Stock1000’s Óscar Gutiérrez and Piotr Biesiekirski, also facing each other. The Andotrans Team Torrentó rider switched to the Fau55 Racing – Family Cash rider to join the leading quartet but made a mistake and was unable to fight to the end for a podium finish.

With 4 laps to go, Lopes passed Tito and, when everything seemed to indicate that he was going to take the win, in the only place he could, Rabat gave it back to him and took the double on his return to ESBK. Ivo finished second and Román third, being the new leader of the category and owner of the Líder Peris plate.

In Stock1000 Piotr Biesiekirski, Unai Orradre and Guillaume Antiga took the podium.

Eric Fernández wins with authority in SSP NG.

Eric Fernández flew over the MotorLand Aragón track again and took the victory without any of his rivals being able to avoid it. From the beginning he put himself in first place and in that position he finished. Follow the leader and master Líder Peris. With Andy Verdoia also lapping second and ensuring a podium finish, things were not so smooth sailing for Julián Giral, Simon Jespersen and Demis Mihaila as they battled to close out on the top three at every lap. They overtook several times until, at the checkered flag, Mihaila crossed the line in P3 but was penalized with one position for exceeding the track limits on the final lap, Jespersen was then third.

Humberto Maier conquers the victory in the SS300. Yamaha MS Racing, winner of the Silkolene REDD Challenge

Come potrebbe essere altrimenti, la gara della SS300 si è svolta in gruppo con tanti piloti impegnati nella lotta per il podio che hanno offerto un grande spettacolo. Ci sono stati diversi cambi di posizione. Ad ogni giro ce n’era uno che riusciva a diventare il leader e in quello successivo, quello stesso chiudeva il gruppo di 10 piloti coinvolti nella lotta.

I membri della Yamaha MS Racing, quelli del Team Arco Yamaha Motor University e quelli del DEZA-Box77 Racing Team sono stati i protagonisti e questa folle corsa si è risolta tra loro. Nell’ultima curva ci sono stati dei sorpassi che hanno cambiato la classifica, con Humberto Maier vincitore, Enzo Valentín secondo e Gonzalo Sánchez terzo.

Nel Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy Antonio Torres, Iván Muñoz e Tomás Alonso sono stati nei cassetti d’onore.

Il miglior team del weekend SS300 e, quindi, vincitore del REDD Challenge Silkolene è stato Yamaha MS Racing.

Carlos Cano wins PreMoto3 with solvency. Iker Rodríguez wins an exciting Moto4 race.

This time yes, Carlos Cano won the PreMoto3 race with authority. He was also going straight for P1 yesterday but a crash left him out of contention. Today he was able to dominate from the start and be the best in his own right. Behind that of QRG Motor Racing there was a good fight for the rest of the podium positions by 5 drivers. After many overtaking and parallel racing with an exciting finish, Álvaro Lucas finished second and Alex Longarela third.

Impressive race and incredible finish in Moto4. There was an all-out fight throughout the corners, with up to 15 riders racing as a bunch and going head-to-head without giving way. The nerves in the teams were palpable and not for the faint of heart. In the middle of the race, three of those who had been battling, Ethan Sparks, Carmelo Beluzzo and Maison Foster, crashed, running out of options, so the others continued their battle to the checkered flag.

The end was with the photo finish and with Iker Rodríguez’s first victory in the category. Kensei Matsudaira and David Gómez accompanied him to the podium. After the technical checks, the American was disqualified, giving Gómez the 20 points of P2. Andrés García moved up to third place.

Eric Molina, the best of the Yamaha R7

The last race that took place was that of the Yamaha R7 with a good battle. Eric Molina and Yeray Saiz headlined, filming together all the time and moving forward as soon as possible. Behind, up to 5 other riders struggled to close out the top three offering a great battle.

On the last lap, Yeray had problems and couldn’t finish, so Eric was left alone, winning with solvency. Matías Pérez finished second and Jorge Arroyo third.

The next round of the Spanish Superbike Championship will take place at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit on the weekend of 13 and 14 May.

Photographs: Ivan Terrón

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