The MES 2022 Trophies are ready to start off a new season and the organizer Bruno Sandrini spoke at the microphones of unveiling the latest news from MotoEstate.


The innovations introduced by the oldest motorcycle championship in Italy are many: from the change in the assignment of scores, which become the same as what happens in motocross, to the assignment of Extrapoint to pole-men and who will record the fastest lap in competition. The most important news then concerns the new categories that will be introduced (Big and Junior Supersport) or reintroduced (La Naked) in 2022. Speaking of the latter, Sandrini explains that “We have decided to reintroduce the Naked and include the Big Supersport because this is what the market trend suggests. We have always been attentive to this aspect, on the one hand to allow people to race with cheap motorcycles and on the other hand to follow the most recent trends. The supersport market is not fair. important numbers, even if the track always fascinates. Naked bikes are among the best-selling bikes and bringing them back to the track seemed a natural consequence. We left the category dedicated to semi-fairings in 2016 due to the participation of a few riders, but now we have decided to focus strongly on the naked “.

Another big news concerns the introduction of the Big Supersports in the intermediate motorcycle class. In addition to the usual 600, Yamaha and Kawasaki in primis, there is also the possibility of racing with Ducati Panigale V2, MV Agusta F3 RR and Triumph 765. Bruno Sandrini, despite having welcomed this new category in MES 2022 which will be part of the 600 Aperta (with separate classification), he does not say very much in favor of the introduction of these new bikes. “For me it was not a great idea. It was a wrong choice, they are pushing higher and higher, increasing costs, making it more difficult to race. It goes from 400 which cost close to 6,000 euros to 22,000 euros for a Big Supersport. The step for someone who runs is very high. We have the entry level categories, but there is no presence, as in the past, of the 250 and then the passage to the 600 with similar costs. Despite this many will race with the Big SS, because the rider pays attention to performance. The effort is made if the bike is strong and Ducati seems to be the best in this sense. It was right to dedicate a separate classification

We have to see what the Japanese manufacturers will do now. I hope that if they continue to keep these 600s in range, at least that there are enough bikes to differentiate the grids. Once there was a displacement difference with a logical sense, four-cylinder 600 and 750 twin cylinders. The races were balanced. Now the advantage is likely to be high “.

Another novelty for 2022 is the addition of a new track in the calendar: the Autodromo dell’Umbria in Magione. The championship has always been detailed in northern Italy and Sandrini explains why the MES will return after almost ten years to make a stop in Umbria.

There are two reasons that led us to choose Magione. The first is that there are more and more drivers from central Italy to run the MES and it seemed right to go to a track closer to them. And the second reason is that we have raced for several years at Tazio Nuvolari in Cervesina, but we don’t have the same management views as a race weekend. We therefore decided to broaden the catchment area, underlining the fact that there is a shortage of slopes in the north. missing several in recent years

The MES Trophies will also welcome prestigious wild card during the next edition. Last year riders such as Luca Salvadori, Claudio Corti, Bradley Smith and Ivan Goi walked the Motoestate tracks. Bruno Sandrini commented on the possibility of seeing them again this season.

Many people will come to race in the Motoestate circus. Luca Salvadori will certainly do something with us, Claudio Corti and Bradley Smith will also make a few episodes here at Motoestate. Let’s say there will be, but our aim is not to bring the prominent name, but it is a game for children. Anyone who comes to the paddock has fun because the atmosphere is very motorcycle rally “.

These last two years of the pandemic have cut the legs of many activities and events, including Motoestate. The hope for Sandrini for 2022 is to bring the public back to the stands and return to experience the paddock with more conviviality, as in the pre-COVID years.

The real goal of 2022 is to have the public back in the stands and return to experience the paddock as we did before, organizing aperitifs, meeting at the table, organizing activities. With the end of the state of emergency that should arrive, we would like to reopen to the public also to let children try out motorcycles, to welcome motorcycle rallies. ”

In addition to the good intentions for 2022, there is also a final consideration on the general economic state of the country, a reason that may discourage some from participating in the championship.

The objectives are the ones I told you above, but I have to be realistic. The situation and the economic conjecture that exists now frightens me. There is little willingness to spend, even by who could spend them. Plus the increases that there have been no good for the “superfluous” and we are. Motoestate is not a championship with which you get to Ferrari. For many, the championship is an alternative to vacation, what they may earn extra they put aside for participate in the Motoestate and race on motorcycles. We have to think that with these increases some might desist from participating. I hope to at least keep the numbers of last year, then we’ll see. In recent years I have learned that there are too many unknowns. I only wish the best. “.

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