Alessandro Del Bianco, Simone Saltarelli, Kevin Manfredi, Luca Vitali and Roberto Farinelli: these are the  big names expected at the start of the MES Moto4 in Varano.


The 125-Moto4 riders this weekend in Varano will have exceptional companions on the starting grid. Some of the most illustrious names in Italian motorcycling will be riding the brand new RF 300 CORSA and will compete in the Moto4 category, together with the young Massimo Galloni, another wild card of the day and Federico Trubia, leader of the standings. Great fun and brawl on the track are therefore expected, with all the riders eager to see the new Moto4 Made in Italy at work.

The Moto4 is designed to be an entry level and low cost category, ideal for all young people who start racing or for amateurs who love GP chassis with small displacements. The technical regulation is essential and “armored”: it is designed to ensure cost containment and equal technical conditions.

Perfectly in line with this philosophy, the brand new RF300 CORSA will be presented in Varano and will make its debut in the category: a simplified GP (Moto4) with very low costs, designed and developed in Italy.

Giorgio Mingoia, CEO of GCT Racing Motorcycle, presented it: “I am thrilled for this opportunity. Seeing the brand new RF on the grid with riders of this caliber and on a stage like that of the MES will be truly exciting. The RF300 Corsa prototype has all-Italian DNA and this makes us even more proud. This Moto4 wants to represent a real opportunity that allows young riders and their families to enter the motorcycling of the great without too expensive investments. It wants to represent a return to the “Romantic Motorcycling” of the past and for this reason we are also preparing Academy projects that will allow young people to approach the racing world just like it happens for a football school, without having to buy anything, neither motorcycles, nor further technical equipment “.

So what should we expect from this new project, both in Varano and in the near future?

“Let me start by saying that the bikes that you will see in Varano are the RF300 Corsa Base model. However, we have already set up a racing department that is working on an even more racing version, called the RF300 MCR. On a technical level, the prototype and components are 100% Made in Italy. We cannot say too much now, surely after the holidays we will be ready to present all the projects aimed at bringing young people and amateurs closer to the RF300 ”.

What better opportunity then than the one offered by MotoEstate on Saturday and Sunday? Level riders, new project, many categories at the start and a lot of entertainment: ideal for spending a weekend dedicated to true motorcycling.

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