Cloudy skies, strong winds and low temperatures await the girls of the Women’s European
Cup at the Misano World Circuit for the ELF Grand Prix Round 3 of the 2021 season. The 10
laps of the heat rewarded with a solo race Beatriz Neila Santos, who rises for the first time
in the season on the top step of the podium. The athlete of the Yamaha Trasimeno team,
after having grabbed the first box on the starting grid and having therefore won the bonus
point for the pole-woman, takes a great start to the lights off and manages the race up to
the checkered flag. The reigning champion also recorded the fast lap in 1’52.652 to the
eighth of the 10 passes, the only one under 1’53; 27 total points for her conquered in the
Romagna weekend, for a total of 64 in the standings, which place her just two points behind
Sara Sanchéz. The Spanish of the CM Racing Kawasaki Team must be satisfied with the
place of honor to more than 3 seconds of detachment, without having ever in fact worried
the compatriot. The race excluded what seemed to be the only athlete able to annoy the
leader: Roberta Ponziani in fact slipped on the second lap, and despite restarting she was
unable to get into the points area. The Kawasaki Prodina team rider drops to third place
overall with 41 points. Wonderful the duel for the last step of the podium: the winner was a
combative Sabrina Della Manna (Kawasaki Gradara Corse Team), determined to contain the
attacks of Isis Carreno (Kawasaki GP3 Team); to divide the two riders just 35 thousandths.
the battle also saw Sara Cabrini (Team ALS – kawasaki ) as the protagonist, who
unfortunately crashed at turn 16 at the end of the fifth lap, fortunately without any
consequences. Despite a gap of over 22 seconds, Aurelia Cruciani (Yamaha BRT Team) grabs
fifth position ahead of Masha Medvedeva (Yamaha Rosso&Nero Team), who is good at
recovering after a mistake at the start. Martina Guarino (Yamaha MotoXracing Team) is
seventh followed by the KTM of Ran Yochay’s Runner Bike Team. Monica Robotta (Kawasaki
Val Susa Racing Team) closes the top ten behind Alice Solcati. In order, Beatrice Barbera,
Martina Plenario, Flavia Lucchetti, Eugenia De Luigi and Arianna Barale close the points
area. Remember that Alexandra Pelikánová (Yamaha Motoxracing Team) did not take part
at the weekend, still convalescing after the fall remedied in Round 2.
Women’s European Cup awaits you on the weekend of 25, 26 and 27 June on the Croatian
circuit of Rijeka for rounds 4 and 5 on the calendar!


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