Donnerstag, 24. April, April-Streckentag für Amateure und Fahrer

On Thursday 24 April a day of free bike trials will be held on the Slovakiaring circuit. The day will be divided into 4 groups (AMATEURS – AA CUP600 / 1000 – 300SS / SUPERMONO, STK600 / STK1000 / SBK).
The division into groups will start from 9.00 which will take place on the basis of the following declared times, but may undergo changes decidedly unquestionably by the organization:


Group A – Amateur riders

Group B – AA CUP riders

Group C – 300SS-Supermono riders

Group D – Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike riders


The times will be shown at the end of each session.
It is advisable to have insurance coverage, which can be offered by FMI  or other bodies and / or federations
– Full day price for MOTORCYCLES with advance booking and payment: 150 euros
– Full day MOTORCYCLE price with booking less than 5 days from the event: 165 euros
– Half day price MOTORCYCLE (MORNING OR AFTERNOON ONLY) with advance booking and payment: 110 euros
– Half day price MOTORCYCLE (MORNING OR AFTERNOON ONLY) less than 5 days from the event: 125 euros
– Full box: 100 euros
The day of free practice takes place both on a dry and on a wet track.
The organization may decide not to open the circuit only in case of conditions that compromise safety even with rain tires. To reserve the possibility or not of taking to the track in rainy or wet conditions, it is necessary to have RAIN INSURANCE. No refund will be paid to those who are not equipped with the aforementioned insurance in case of wet track


It is ADVISABLE (but not mandatory) to have insurance coverage, which can be offered by FMI
Sh Service is an FMI accredited organizer. Cards from other bodies and / or federations can also be valid, for example ASI, AICS etc
For the methods of insurance coverage and the ceilings, the documents of the individual federations and / or sports promotion bodies must be consulted.
————————————————– ————————————-
Cost of rain insurance FULL DAY: 30 euros
Cost of rain insurance HALF DAY: 20 euros
The rain insurance has a cost of 30 euros for the whole day and 20 euros for the half day and has the function of protecting the rider in case of a wet track.
Insurance coverage can only be taken out at the time of booking. The system does not allow you to request the same later.
It is possible to make a reservation, benefiting from the pre-sale price and take out rain insurance up to 8 days before the event.
Upon taking out the insurance, the customer accepts the following conditions:
1- Rain insurance offers the possibility of recovering the date in case the track can only be used with rain tires. It will be possible to recover the date in a single solution by choosing from those present in the MES EXPERIENCE free practice calendar within 365 days of the event.
2- The insurance coverage lapses once the discharge of responsibility has been signed, in which the customer implicitly accepts the conditions of the route. Therefore, you waive any form of refund.
3- The decision to take advantage of the rain insurance must be communicated no later than 9.00 am on the day of free practice. Failure to communicate will result in the forfeiture of the possibility of taking advantage of the compensation. The communication must take place by e-mail sent to


Kasco insurance cost: Euro 20
It is the supplementary insurance that protects the pilot in the event of a sudden event that prevents participation in the event for the following reasons:
hospitalization of a first degree family member
accident or serious illness causing 100% incapacity for work
To take advantage of this coverage, a copy of the medical certificate must be presented in writing.
The insurance guarantees full refund of the sum if communicated within 7 days of the event. Subsequent communications that can take place until the morning of the event by 9 am will entitle you to a refund of 60% of the amount paid, to be used as a booking deposit within 365 days from the date on one of the days following the event.
technical failure on the means of transport necessary to go to the track or road accident.
The accident and / or failure must be certified by presenting a copy of the invoice for the road recovery of your vehicle. The communication of absence must be made by 9 am on the date scheduled for the event. The pilot will be entitled to a refund of 60% of the amount paid, to be used as a booking deposit within 365 days from the date on one of the days following the event.


How to buy:

You can book your place for the track day on our e-commerce

Info-line tel. +390030.5032626 (ore ufficio) – 348.4525130



Any cancellations of the reservation must be received 15 days. before the scheduled date. After receiving the confirmation from our. the credit can be used within the current year on another calendar day. From September onwards the credit can be transferred to one of the first three dates of the following season.
Cancellations requested AFTER the aforementioned term will NOT be taken into consideration in any way.
NB given the changes that took place this year as regards electronic invoicing, we would like to point out that it will no longer be possible to issue an invoice on a date subsequent to that of the receipt of the bank transfer for all that concerns the registration for the free practice days MES 2020 .
In case of need for an invoice following the payment of a certain product / service, this must be requested on the day you make the payment, by writing an email to: (For all payments made to the SH SERVICE or SH GROUP account). THE DATA MUST BE INCLUSIVE OF A UNIQUE CODE OR A PEC, without which we will not be able to issue an invoice.


Temporary timetable_

(timetable can be subjected to modifications by the organizer anytime)



Time Class Bracelet color


09.00-09.20 AMATEURS Yellow


09.20- 09.40 AA CUP Orange


09.40-10.00 300SS-Supermono Green


10.00-10.20 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red


10.20- 10.40 AMATEURS Yellow


10.40- 11.00 AA CUP Orange


11.00-11.20 300SS-Supermono Green


11.20-11.40 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red


11.40-12.00 AMATEURS Yellow


12.00-12.20 AA CUP Orange


12.20-12.40 300SS-Supermono Green


12.40-13.00 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red






14.00-14.20 AMATEURS Yellow


14.20-14.40 AA CUP Orange


14.40-15.00 300SS-Supermono Green


15.00-15.20 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red


15.20-15.40 AMATEURS Yellow


15.40-16.00 AA CUP Orange


16.00-16.20 300SS-Supermono Green


16.20-16.40 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red


16.40-17.00 AMATEURS Yellow


17.00-17.20 AA CUP Orange


17.20-17.40 300SS-Supermono Green


17.40-18.00 Superstock 600, Superstock 1000, Superbike Red


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