Great success for the first in Cremona of the Mp Exhaust MES Trophies, many drivers at the start, able to offer an important show in the ten leading classes of the day. A new track for everyone, where the ability to find a useful setting to preserve the tires until the end of the race, on the aggressive asphalt of the Lombard track, was the master.


The first race on the Lombard circuit was also an opportunity to pay tribute to a memory on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Angelo Bergamonti, to whom the Cremona Circuit is titled.


A parade on the track opened by the queen motorcycles of the 90s followed by the members of the Bergamonti motorcycle club made it possible to pay homage to the memory of Giacomo Agostini’s late companion.


There was no shortage of surprises during the day. The 125 / moto4 class opened the ball, where it was Vitali who won the moto4, after a brawl that lasted the entire race with Gabriele Balboni, first in the 125cc classification. Third overall and second among motorcycles 4 it was Mattia Ballerini, author of a solo race. It was a brawl until halfway through the race between Mattia Ballerini and Emanuele Magnanelli, who finished in order and completed the podium of the 125cc.


The program then brought the artisanal Supermono to the track, at the start with the lightweight BDB, a class that sees a French, an Austrian and many Italians at the start.


The transalpine road racer Yves Bian Pierre, who after a few laps, managed to get the overall victory and take his Paton alone to the finish line. Behind him, first of the Supermono was Matteo Morri, who fought throughout the race with Andrea Majola, on the second of the Patons at the start. Raimondi and Scagnetti instead fought for the whole race, completing the Supermono podium in order. In the 300 Bradley Smith and Claudio Corti confirmed themselves at the start, determined to continue to have fun among the boys protagonists of the 300, among which their keen eye is looking for the world driver of tomorrow. Starting from the first box was Mirco Gennai, followed by Davide Conte and Bradley Smith. After a compact start, Gennai took off and managed to put a couple of seconds between himself and the trio of immediate pursuers. A trio that gave a show, with Conte and Smith alternating in second position until the end of the race. Conte prevailed with a decisive intersection of trajectories, with Smith completing the podium. Well Agazzi, fourth. Excellent also the race of Zulian who obtained the success in the Challenge Kawasaki, preparatory program to bring the young riders to the correct method with which to face the competitions, complete the podium Trombin and Magnano. After such a race, it was difficult to level up, but the 1000 open made it, with 35 riders at the start. Poleman of the day was Luca Salvadori, at the start with a production Ducati V4 to demonstrate the “ready to race” value of the queen of Borgo Panigale. Behind him Fabrizio Perotti with Dario La Trecchina to complete the front row. Ready to go, it was Perotti who took the lead, but Salvadori didn’t let go. The two took off on the big group consisting of La Trecchina, Goi, Brignoli Bartolini and Brugnone. Cristini and Palladino were also good, able to take up the challenge and remain in the leading positions. When we reached the middle of the race, tire wear began to make a difference, with Salvadori taking the lead, and Perotti not giving up. Behind Ciprietti, in the race with a Ducati that we will see from next year probably involved in the Superport world championship, he has recovered to a good or optimal degree. The rider riding the new middle of Borgo Panigale tried to find on Brugnone and Bartolii. At the same time Luca Salvadori stretched lap after lap ahead of Perotti on the finish line. More detached, to complete the podium, La Trecchina, author of a very regular race. Fourth Brignoli, followed by Goi, Brugnone and Bartolini, Ciprietti Palladino and Para.


Problems at the end for Cristini who managed to stay in the top 10 for the whole race. It was then the turn of the open 600, where starting from pole position it was Nicolò Castellini, with Rocca and Saltarelli who closed the first line. At the green light it was Saltarelli who sprinted more effectively, thus gaining leadership at the first corner. 12 laps of the race for an announced brawl that is not long in coming. At the end of the first lap the group is still compact, with at least 10 riders competing for the leading positions. The group broke into two sections, with Castellini recovering the first square, followed by Rocca, Saltarelli Tonassi and Bianucci. A couple of laps and the race saw the leading group break up into three pairs that give life to battles with no holds barred. Castellini tried to escape, Rocca replied, but at the end he was forced to raise the pace. In the meantime Tonassi has overtaken Saltarelli for third place and Gioia who has overtaken Bianucci for fifth. With three laps to go, the positions seem tested by now, only Gioia and Bianucci continue to battle. Instead the imponderable happens. Rocca first misses a gear, then to recover the gap he slips without consequences with three laps to go. The victory thus goes to Castellini, followed by Saltarelli, who in the meantime takes back the position from Tonassi. Last podiums of the day, those of the race attack 600 and 1000. In the middle class it was the day of Andrea Liberini, dominator of races 1 and 2. A double success that projects him to 100 in the general classification and allows him after two rounds of put a serious mortgage on the category title. In 1000 RTK it was Lazzaro Valsecchi who took on the role of the protagonist, making the most of the pole won in practice. Just like Liberini made a full booty by finishing both heats in first place, but an early start in race 2 gave him a penalty of 20 seconds, which thwarted the double first place under the checkered flag. The brawl with Jari Remoto in race 1 was beautiful, while in the second heat Valsecchi managed to stretch, but the penalty relegated him to second place in the general. The triumph was then Jari Remoto, who by the sum of places he climbed to the top step of the podium, then completed by De Stefano, third. An intense race weekend, where only the public was missing who, given the clear improvements in health conditions, could return to the stands as early as the third round, at the end of June in Varano.

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