It was a first to remember, especially for the many riders who participated in the 300 category, who found themselves racing against two sacred monsters such as the former MotoGP bikers Bradley Smith and Claudio Corti.

The two fully interpreted the philosophy of the MP Exhaust Mes trophy paddock, presenting themselves with a van with 2 beautiful Yamaha R3s equipped with exhaust and footboards and with another van to spend the night. A conscious return to the origins for the two friends who have decided to take to the track in Varano to have fun and to present the idea of ​​the one to one coaching project that wants to see them committed to enhancing riders who are already involved in national or international championships .

Claudio and Bradley had fun on the track, but they were super available towards all the guys who, overcoming their awe, turned to them for advice or just for a photo.

On the track, crossing the wheels with these two “pros”, the excitement of most people was great. But when the traffic lights went out it was a brawl and all the participants in the race forgot the names on the bikes…

However, they were not the only big guns present in the paddock of this first weekend of Mp Exhaust MES trophies. The 600 SS European champion was busy coaching the Kawasaki challenge, but surprisingly he decided in concert with the AltoGO team to take sides in official practice and in the race. Race that Manfredi dominated, then exiting the scene in the last laps to make room for the championship drivers. This gesture is particularly appreciated by the 600 class drivers on the grid.

The last 90 piece in the paddock was Thomas Brianti, who over the weekend was with the 2R team in which he started, with the idea of ​​coming to visit friends. For him, the long-awaited protagonist of the 300 SS world championship, a weekend as a mechanical help following the “president Antonini”, because as Brianti himself confirmed “… this is how I learn how the bike works ….”

After years of absence, Maurizio Pratichizzo, protagonist of the World Supersport of the early 2000s, met again in the paddock. For him a few laps in free practice, which who knows did not make him want to get back on track.

The presence of pilots of international caliber is certainly a source of pride for the organization, as well as the 225 members who filled the Varano de Megari paddock. But the greatest satisfaction remains that both these “pro” riders and all the other participants in the races lived a weekend of races in perfect harmony, sharing their passion in the paddock.


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