The Spanish Superbike Championship held its second round of the 2021 season at the Navarra Circuit. The first races of the weekend took place on saturday 15th with the victories of Carmelo Morales, Steven Odendaal, Yeray Ruiz, Izan Rodríguez, Eitan Gras and Antonio Montoya. The weather was decisive as the rain made its appearance and greatly complicated the development of the day.

The other races took place on Sunday 16th. Nobody disappointed. A day seen live on RFME’s YouTube channel around the world.


Double for Carmelo Morales in Superbike

Carmelo Morales’ first race weekend could not have been better. Double victory in Navarre and 50 points in the standings. The race began led by Medina, but Carmelo soon overtook him to take the lead and be unreachable. He opened a big gap by leaving second and third place management to his group of pursuers formed by Román Ramos, Naomichi Uramoto and Ivo Lopes. The BMW driver moved up to second place, a position he held in the closing stages of the race until he saw the checkered flag and took the Peris Leader’s Badge. Ramos was third with Uramoto glued to the tail.

In the Open 1000 the podium was made up of Christian Palomares, Marc Miralles and Balint Kovacs.


SuperSport: Glory to Gomez

Steve Odendaal, confident he had won on Saturday, came out like a rocket. The South African driver did not give in to his arm and drove with an iron fist until the eighth lap. Just behind Borja Gómez and Dani Valle engaged in a fight for second position, knowing that Odendaal played in another league. But suddenly the World Cup driver returned to the pits due to a recently operated shoulder pain and Borja took the lead with Valle behind. Aleix Viu climbed up from behind and finished third and, with two laps to go, went to Valle in search of the leader, who pushed until the last second, reaching a few thousandths. Thus, Borja Gómez received the Plaque Leader Peris.

In the Open 600 the podium was made up of Unai Orradre, Mauro González and Daniel González.


ESBK Junior: Eric Fernández wins. Speed ​​Racing takes over the REDD Challenge GS

Eric Fernández came out like a shell, but soon Elinton Kawakami and Yeray Ruiz overtook him. The Brazilian driver took the lead in search of victory and opened a good gap. However, in the middle of the race, Ruiz and Fernández regrouped to chase the leader who fell to the ground on lap 9, leaving first place free. A tough battle for the win and the podium began, which a little further back was sold at a high price with Torres and Llambias fighting for third place. With two laps to go, Eric Fernández took advantage of Ruiz’s failure to put a few meters away and secure victory. Third was Llambias, who was one tenth behind Ruiz when he reached the finish.

In the Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy the podium was made up of Fernández, Llambias and Alex Millán, while in the Yamaha Blu Cru Cup Ruiz, Álvaro Díaz and Carlos Giménez de Torres climbed


PreMoto3 / Promo3: Strong imposes his law

Eitán Gras was in the lead but before the end of the first lap a very fast Álvaro Fuertes was placed first. Soon Pablo Olivares got into his wake and began a fierce fight for victory but, on lap 8, he entered the pits with mechanical failures. José Luis Armario found second place after filming in no man’s land. However, bad luck took its toll and after a failure at the finish line he lost several positions. Fuertes scored a comfortable victory.

For her part, Yvonne Cerpa recovered from yesterday’s crash and took a worthy second place after an epic comeback. Finally, Eitán Gras took the third position after a difficult race fighting with Marco García.

David Gonzalez won in Promo3, Adrián Covarrubias finished second and Jesús Ríos third.

Moto4: Longarela Recital

The Moto4 category gave strong emotions. After the first corners, a group of six riders was formed led by Alex Longarela, who quickly broke through and left alone. Cano, Horau, Fernández, Lucas and Rodríguez engaged in an all-out fight for second and third place, which became frenetic in the last two laps with a continuous exchange of positions. Finally, Carlos Cano and Fernández completed the podium.


HANDY ESBK: Exciting and exciting career

The Handy ESBK race was very nice with a great fight between Carlos Blanco and Toni Montoya. But, behind it, there were also some battles in which it was shown that everyone feels like pilots and that they can do what they set out to do. Finally, Blanco took Scratch’s victory followed by Montoya and Rubén Barea. By category, in the 600cc Antonio Montoya, Jordi Simón and Ezequiel Porcel collected the trophy.

The next ESBK appointment will be at the Motorland Aragón Circuit on June 19th and 20th. We will tell you live!

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