Qualche curiosità riguardante la stagione scorsa del campionato


Let’s talk a little about the numbers and curiosities of the last edition of the AAIC

-Nine nationalities were on the podium of the Alpe Adria International Championship 2019 (Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Holland and Sweden).

-The record of victories over the 2019 season went to Swedish rider Christofer Bergman, with as many as 8 victories.

-The nation that has seen its riders win more victories was Czech Republic (tot. of 17 wins in the season).

Here are the final ranking top 3 riders in each category:

– AACUP600
1st class. : Amir Osmanovic
2nd class .: Krystian Nawojski
3rd class .: Lukas Nespesny

– AACUP1000
1st class. : Robin Kraaikamp
2nd class .: Jaroslaw Budzynsky
3rd class .: Maciej Ukleja

1st class. : Jerry Von De Bunt
2nd class .: Josef Frauenschuh
3rd class .: Jahann Karl

1st class. : Maxim Repak
2nd class .: Mate Szamado
3rd class .: Jiri Nespesny

1st class. : Richard Bodis
2nd class .: Jiri Mrkyvka
3rd class .: Thomas Eder

1st class. : Christofer Bergman
2nd class .: Kamil Krzemien
3rd class .: Arnaud Friedrich

1st class. : Karel Hanika
2nd class .: Pawel Szkopek
3rd class .: Niko Thoni

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