The 2021 season of free practice by MES Experience ended this Sunday on the Modena Circuit. The track day on the Modena track closed a season full of participation, dates and news. The track day in Marzaglia (MO) was the seventh of the season and presented interesting news, also in view of next year.

First of all, Sunday was the occasion to bring together most of the Supermono present in northern Italy. The owners of the handcrafted single-cylinder motorbykes, a symbol of Italian motorsport bak in the 90s, took advantage of the track day and the “Supermono Day” promoted by the organization. A group on the track has been reserved for them, but not just that. For those eager to participate, but unable to take down their bikes to the track, a box has been set up for the display of their bikes. And to conclude the party all together, during the lunch break,  they took the usual photos of all the Supermono “jealous” guardians beside them: a nice way to get back to breathe that air of artisanal motorcycling so typically Italian.

In terms of news, some other experiences have also been proposed such as the ones which allow to test the Moto2, Moto4 and a Kawasaki 400 on the track, now a symbol of the track days promoted by MES Experience. Also from this point of view, participation and enthusiasm were important, so much so that the organizers are thinking about the idea of ​​expanding the number of motorcycles available for hire.

More news are coming, we just need to wait.

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