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A welcome return to the Alpe Adria International Championship schedule, that of Moto3.

A category dedicated to the engine capacity that has launched the best talents worldwide. It runs with a 250 cc prototype bike, with a sporting regulation that follows that of the major national championships.

At the start of the category, in addition to the Moto3 Open, the standard Moto3 will also be launched, to which the special “Talent Challenge” classification will be dedicated. A possibility to race with a prototype bike but with standard preparation (such as the Honda NSF 250), with stock preparation and a low running cost, compared to its older sister. Suitable for riders who want to have their first experience riding a real GranPrix. In this category, which is run with a separate ranking, the minimum age limit is set at 12 years.

Both the Moto3 and the Talent require the national license and starting permission of their federation.

The race weekend kicks off with the preliminary operations, which take place from Thursday evening and continue until Friday morning. Two free practice sessions are scheduled on Friday.

The qualifying session takes place on Saturday morning and race 1 in the afternoon.


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