The naked motorbikes will be back on the grid in 2022. This 2021 has just ended but for the MP Dynasty Exhaust MotoEstate Trophies, it is already time for something new. First of all, it is the reintroduction of the “Naked” championship within the categories at the start for the 2022 edition. After more than five years, the “naked” will be back to show off on the MES tracks.

For the “naked” it will be a sweet return to the MotoEstate Trophies. The category had been present within the “MES” rankings until the 2016 edition. The next season will be full of innovations. Registrations are open to all naked bikes with standard engines, with stock rules. The bikes will then be divided into two sub-categories, the Mini and Maxi Naked, based on the displacement of the bike. This wants to ease the participation of all naked motorbikes and, at the same time, ensuring a balance competition and fights on track.

The return of the “Naked” category onto the MES grids is in line with the direction that the motorcycle market is taking. Guzzi, Brixton and Benelli motorcycles currently stand on the top positions in the ranking of best-selling models. With the reintroduction of an entirely dedicated category, the goal is therefore to get closer and closer to market trends; and at the same time, to provide concrete and economic opportunities, to people all over Europe: the main goal of the MES Trophies.

Bruno Sandrini, CEO of SH Group and organizer of the MotoEstate asaid he is “enthusiastic about this new project. This is a challenge, I and Filippo Del Monte and I strongly believe in. The naked bike market is growing rapidly all over Europe. Introducing the two categories, Mini and Maxi Naked, is therefore a concrete way to get closer to that portion of the market and to those people who can’t wait to have a championship in which having fun at limited costs. We really can’t way to get it started”.

The draft regulation will be available shortly, as well as the dates for the opening of registrations for 2022.

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