The MotoEstate, the longest running championship in Italy has inaugurated a new interview serie. The goal is to discover the people and riders who make up the MES paddock. The first protagonist is Edoardo Boccellari: the young rider of the Race Attack 600 who at the Cremona Circuit became the 2021 champion in the Rookies category.

At his absolute debut in a track championship, Edoardo had been improving throughout the entire season: “I could only start my adventure on the track this year, at 18 years old- Edoardo says – but the two wheels have always been a true passion. Passion born thanks to my dad, who was also a rider on his Ducati 996, and was then cultivated over the years, first by watching the MotoGP races on TV and by riding myself a bike “.

The beginnings for Edoardo # 21, as for many riders all over the world, were among the mud of the enduro: where character and technical skills are forged. “Enduro allowed me to do what I was most passionate about. By thinking about my off-road course, however, I can say  that it did prepare my self for the track. Sensitivity on the bike and lightheartedness allowed me to push my CBR600 to the maximum right from the very beginning ”.

From mud to asphalt: a choice dictated by ambition. “Yes – Edoardo explains – the transition from off-road to track was dictated by my passion and desire to measure myself against speed on the track. The choice of MotoEstate was then an almost obvious consequence: we are talking about a very high level championship, which allows you to compete with excellent riders at limited costs “.

Ambition and talent: Edoardo experienced the track his very first time in Varano and from that moment on he has been improvisng more and more: “Varano’s weekend was incredible. For a rookie, the first grid is the real highlight. Your vision becomes blurred, your breathing becomes faster and faster. You enter a state of alienation. Maybe it’s just concentration or shock, it’s hard to put into words. The years of off-roading have certainly helped me: at the first corner I had already put behind six other riders. It goes without saying that I began to become aware of what was happening only after four or five laps: I was truly fulfilling my dream. ”

Ambition, talent and above all resilience, a word that is very fashionable today. Racing in motorcycles is a great concentration of these three features, especially when there is no important financial support. “The economic aspect is a key point in motorcycling and thank God there are championships like the MES. Even in this case it is still complex, especially when you can’t afford the bike set up and you have to race with all the standard parts. I have to say thanks above all to my parents, and to the team I run with: they are always ready to support me. Having finished the first season as champion of the Rookies and just two points from the absolute top ten, behind a great like Simone Campanini, makes me even more proud of what we have done: we are on the right way”.

While it is true that motorcycling demands a lot, it is equally true that it returns in equal measure: above all in terms of emotions and relationships. “This is even truer in a paddock like the MES’ – Edo says – Here I met real friends, who then turned into“ adversaries ”on the track. Talents like Lorenzo Voch,  immediately welcomed and advised me. I also grew up thanks to them “.

The 2021 season ended in Cremona and it is now time for Edoardo to go back to school and “off-road”. “Now it’s time to prepare for the 2022 season with my enduro bike. And to study enough to take the baccalaureate. The goal is to race again in the MES and to keep on improving “.


Let’s see how bright Edoardo’s future will be. And stay tuned, the MotoEstate 2022 calendar will be published soon!

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