The Twin Cup (FR) organiser, MC Motors Events, has announced the 2021 provisonal calendar.

  • 12/13 June Navarra
  • 10-11 July Carole
  • 28-29 August Le Vigeant
  • 15-16 May Pau-Arnos
  • 20-26 September Ales Mechanic Pole

The Twin Cup, reserved to two-cylinder motorbikes, was established in 2007 with a clear goal: providing a real opportunity for all those riders who wanted to start their adventure in the motorbike world with a low budget. In particular, it is possible to participate with 500/700 cc motorbikes. To conclude, the Twin Cup, as the original aim, is  characterized by  a familiar and friendly environment where bike lovers love to go to and share their passion for motorbikes. In Italy such an atmosphere can be easily found during the MES Experience. Find out more here.

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