The French Championship announced the 2021 official calendar.

  • 26-28 March Le mans
  • 23-25 April Nogaro
  • 28-30 May Lédenon
  • 11-13 June Pau Arnos
  • 02-04 July Magny-Cours
  • 20-22 August Carole
  • 10-12 September Alès

The championship is divided into different categories: Superbike Challenge, Supersport 300, “Objectif Grand Prix” for the youngsters as well as SideCars F1,2 and 600.

It was once called The French Open Speed Championship when it was established in 1981. Back then, it aimed at reuniting under a single championships all the different and once divided national and international championships. It has also witnessed the very best France motorbike riders competing in such a championship. In addition, in the very beginning there were only 3/4 events per season, but after some time they got to organize 7-8 events, like now.

It also used to be formed by different categories such as 125-250-500 and Side Cars. Only has some of them survived, some others were added though, such as the Superbike and Supersport.

To conclude, the riders with most trophies are: Delannoy and Muscat. The 2020 winner was Mathieu Gines.

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