For all the motorbike lovers spread all over Europe it will be a special day: we all will have the opportunity to re-live a track-day focused on the famous hand-crafted -single-cylinder-engine motorbikes which used to shine bright during the 90s. Indeed, the so-called Supermono went through a brief, though, very important development. They started their journey into the motorbike world as a way, for passionate mechanics (often motorbike riders themselves), to show and spread their love towards the hand-made mechanic, motorbikes and the process of ‘do it yourself’.

Then, the development reached a very important peak as they got to be formalized into national and international championships. On the other hand, though, its lifecycle was not as long as they hoped for. The interest in the Supermono was this huge, that official and internationally-recognized motorbike producers started to produce their own Supermono whereby, basically, making the Supermono phenomenon come to an end. Nevertheless, the truest and very first Supermono aim never ended, nor changed. Indeed, the thousands of motorbike lovers spread all over Europe have been working on  their hand-crafted “creatures” ever since.

This is essentially the goal of the Supermono Days too: providing an opportunity and the perfect stage for all the passionate mechanics to come over and both ride and show, as well as, share, their creatures, their love.

That’s why, on October 10th there will be sessions of free practice dedicated to those who own a Supermono and want to get down on track. In addition, there will be an exhibition of the famous motorbikes which used to fight on track during the 90s. Moreover, the famous riders themselves will be present at the event to re-live that well known atmosphere.

The best way to end the season.

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