TheMotoEstate Trophies have published a series of previews on their official social channels in view of its thirty-sixth edition, which will officially begin the weekend of May 1st from Varano de Melegari. After making the 2022 calendar official at the beginning of December and with this the introduction of the Magione circuit among the circuits that will host the MES Trophies, here are all the news planned for the MP Dynasty Exhaust MotoEstate 2022 Trophies.

New Entry

Naked motorbikes are back: after more than seven years, the category dedicated to “nud”e returns among the MES grids. Now as then, the category will be open to all Naked motorcycles with displacements between 600 and 1300. The newly introduced Junior Supersport also wins the label of “new entry”: this is a low-cost category preparatory to the 600 Open. The decision to introduce the Junior Supersport is dictated by market trends. In fact, the new Yamaha R7, Aprilia 660, Honda CBR 650 and Kawasaki 650 will race in the newly introduced category.

Big Supersport: the hot question is solved

The hot question of Big Supersport is also resolved for the MES trophies. The Ducati V2, MV F3 RR and Triumph 765 will be hosted on the 600 Open grid, but will race with a separate classification.

Race Attack

News also in the introductory and entry level category which runs only on Sunday and facilitates the transition and entry into the world of racing. For both the RTK 600 and the RTK 1000, new parameters will be introduced for the Challenge and Rookies sub-rankings. A qualifying session will also be introduced on Saturday afternoon.


The Tianda TDR 300, which had already made their debut last year in Cervesina, will also be admitted into the preparatory category of Moto4


Everything remains unchanged in the other categories: supermono, 125 SP, 300 Supersport and 600 and 1000 Open.

The opening dates of the registrations and the technical-sporting regulations will be announced shortly.

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