15 degrees and a cloudy weekend in Cervia where the rain spared the practicability of the Happy Valley track, while the lightning-fast ThunderVolt illuminated the first round of the 2021 season with two exciting races. First real test for the drivers of the “Electric naked single-brand Italian Championship” who challenged each other in a double confrontation (race 1 and race 2) over a length of 10 laps, on a very dry track after the wet conditions of the morning.


In qualifying on Saturday, Alessio Salaroli won the pole position with the best time of the day – 53.429, followed by the expert Loris Capozzi – 53.577 (+ 0.148) and the reigning champion Alessandro Russo who closes the front row in 53.885 (+0.456) . Behind them Luca Rosetti (4th), Francesco, Zaramella (5th), Marco Lo Iacono (6th), Cristian Cimatti (7th).


In an extremely balanced Race 1 Loris Capozzi takes command of the race, overtaking Salaroli at the start, but towards the middle of the race he gets back in front for a battle until the last corner, where Capozzi seems to be able to get the better of a greater confidence with the NK -E / R, already driven in the 2020 season. Salaroli, on the other hand, protects the position well, closing all the spaces and crossing the finish line in front. Also excellent was the race of Luca Rosetti, protagonist of a spectacular rescue at the exit of the second corner that made him lose contact with the leaders, however placing himself on the third step of the podium, ahead of Alessandro Russo by only 2 tenths. Zaramella, Lo Iacono and Cimatti close respectively 5th, 6th and 7th. The “best lap” recorded in race 1 is by Loris Capozzi (53.454).


1 Alessio Salaroli 2 Loris Capozzi 3 Luca Rosetti 4 Alessandro Russo 5 Francesco Zaramella 6 Marco Lo Iacono 7 Cristian Cimatti

RACE 2 In the second race the Capozzi-Salaroli head duel is repeated with the first leading an almost perfect race, keeping everyone behind until the penultimate corner, where Salaroli, after numerous attempts, finds the necessary space to put his ThunderVolt in front of the others. Third again Luca Rosetti, who after an excellent race can rejoice in repeating the podium of the first round. Excellent performance by Francesco Zaramella who ends in 4th place, finishing in front of Marco Lo Iacono 5th and Cristian Cimatti 6th. Russo did not finish race two due to a technical problem with the braking system, which forced him to retire just one lap from the end. The best time on the lap of race 2 (and of the entire weekend) also bears the signature of Alessio Salaroli (53,318). Impressive performance for him who won pole position, race 1, race 2 and best lap.

ORDER OF ARRIVAL RACE 2:  1 Alessio Salaroli 2 Loris Capozzi 3 Luca Rosetti 4 Francesco Zaramella 5 Marco Lo Iacono 6 Cristian Cimatti DNF Alessandro Russo “I come from the mini bikes and from the 2019 season in the Motoestate Trophy. I had never ridden with an electric motorcycle and I didn’t think I could go that fast. Starting from the tests I was happy because I saw that I was able to stay with the others, but I didn’t think I could finish in front and win the first race. The ThunderVolt is a really fun bike and my rivals are also very strong so I expect it will be a season full of brawls and uncertain races until the last lap, like today. I want to thank Motoclub Eleven, my family and Airoh helmet “the words of the protagonist of the day Alessio Salaroli

GENERAL RANKING 1 Alessio Salaroli 50 2 Loris Capozzi 40 3 Luca Rosetti 32 4 Francesco Zaramella 24 5 Marco Lo Iacono 21 6 Cristian Cimatti 19 7 Alessandro Russo 13

UPCOMING EVENTS • 22 / 05-23 / 05, Galliano Park, Forlì (FC) • 17 / 07-18 / 07, T.B.D. Emilia Romagna • 04 / 09-05 / 09, Le Querce Karting, Cascia (PG) • 16 / 10-17 / 10, Adria International Raceway, Adria (RO)

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