The 2023 edition will bring with it a great novelty for the MotoEstate Trophies: the introduction of the Twins Cup. The new category will presumably have very similar regulations to what will be applied in the 2024 world championship. A championship which therefore promises to be open, with two rankings separate: Junior and Open. This will allow the participation of all twin-cylinder motorcycles, both prototypes and series, from 600 to 744 cc 4 valves, up to 800 cc two valves. A grid in which it will be possible to compare different vehicles, trainers and brands, maximizing the union between technical and sporting content.


A preview of what the tussle could be on the track took place during the three-day test in Andalusia, organized by RF Racing Factory and RB Motoracing, promoter of the RBF Cup.

“I expected to see big differences on the track – says Fulvio Lanza – especially on a fast track, about 5 km long and made up of continuous ups and downs like that of the Andalusia Circuit. Yet I was wrong. The Twins that took to the track, Aprilia RS 660, Yamaha R7 and RosMoto SV 650, once again confirmed that they are extremely fun, light and above all fast bikes. The Ros closed just 7-8″ from the fastest 1000cc and in slipstream with much more powerful bikes, such as the Ducati V2 955″.

Luciano Bisconti, former driver of the 1000 Open of the MES Trophies also had his say, focusing on the balance between the twins on the track.

“Before these three days, if they had told me that we could have competed with the Aprilia RS 660s, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. There are almost 25 years of difference between the two projects and important differences in terms of electronics. But the three Rosmotos, ridden by me, Piero Roma and Davide Conte have shown that they can really have their say and compete on equal terms with the other twin-cylinder bikes. Probably with a few more horses they could really spice up the tail of the little girl from Noale”.

We also asked Davide Conte, winner of the 300 SS MES 2021 and involved in the CIV 300 last year, a few questions: “I’ve been using my Ros for years to train, I think it’s a fun and cheap vehicle. And I took it to the track during the tests in Andalusia. It was incredible, on a circuit with more than a thousand meters of straight I managed to finish just 7″ from the fastest 1000cc”.

Davide had the opportunity to test them both, the Twins in question “Last year I carried out a test with a completely stock Aprilia 660. Comparing it to my Ros, I didn’t notice a big difference. I believe that in terms of times, on technical circuits such as those of the MES, all the Twins will start on equal terms”.

And finally, one last question for the near future. What are the programs? “We are still defining next season. What is certain is that I would like to approach a category like the Twins and I would like to return to MotoEstate, after the victory of the 300SS in 2021. The goal is to be ready for the 2024 world championship”.

We remind you that registrations for the MES 2023 Trophies are already open. Find all the info here.

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