The Motoestate interviews one of the international riders who races within its categories: the Austrian Supermono rider Lukas Frey

Here we are with Lukas Frey, one of the international riders who chose to ride within the Motoestate Trophy. Frey is an Austrian rider who used to race in the European Championship with his Supermono and in 2020 decided to ride within the Motoestate Championship: “Due to Pandemic, the European Championship was cancelled. I had then to find another trophy to race in, which was not that far from Austria and, above all, a championship where Supermonos are allowed. Then, I got to know the Motoestate from a friend of mine who is part of the same moto club and I immediately thought that it could be a good chance. The majority of the circuits are located in Northern Italy and it only takes 2/3  hours to get to the circuits. Then, honestly, I love Italy, the weather, the food … the country in general. And not to mention the atmosphere within the paddock. It is like a family”

He then gave some thoughts about the riders’ level: “Honestly that was something that immediatley  impressed me. Maybe the fastest guys are not as fast as within the European Championship but in terms of the average level, here it is far better. We all know that Italian riders are fast and this case does prove it. Here, there are a lot of young and older riders who are definitely competitive and give It all on the circuit. There is of course room for enjoying the speed”.

Unfortunately Lukas crashed during the very first race in Varano and could not end the race. Will we see you in the second round in Cremona, Lukas? “Unfortunately I did crash in Varano and now we are working on the engine. But I have positive feelings. If we are a little bit lucky we could fix everything up and try to join in Cremona and have some fun”.

And that’s what we all look forward to.

We remind that the second round will be held in Cremona on May 29th and 30 th and will be anticipated by a free practice test day. This is something completely news for the Motoestate, since the race program is usually organised on saturday and sunday. This is indeed even more an exception since the track day will be opend to amateurs too. To book:

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